Octotape Set (GNT2.0)
Octotape Set (GNT2.0)
Octotape Set (GNT2.0)
Octotape Set (GNT2.0)

Octotape Set (GNT2.0)

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The 🐙Octotape set offers you an easy and affordable frontfoot traction for your surfboard up to 7 feet (2.1m).

Octotape is the fully customizable Grip & Traction solution for Surfboards

Octotape is a made from soft and durable orthopedic material that feels like no other under your feet.


 Superior traction during paddle and wave catching. You feel super confident paddling and catch more waves.

 Easy to attach on every board. If you know how to use Duct tape you’re good to go.

 Skin friendly and comfortable. No worries when you surf in boardshorts or bikini next summer.

 Can be combined with 🐙GNT 1.0 and other third party traction solutions.

 Most affordable solution on the market. In the long run it is even cheaper than wax.

 Sustainable by design. Feel confident that you don’t mess with our beloved planet and ocean.

 Developed, tested and manufactured in the World Surf Reserve Ericeira, Portugal. You can trust Octotape because it is born and raised in heavy waves.

Technical Specifications:

 Standard set of 7 stripes dimension: 38.5x50 cm

 Dimension of one stripe: 50x500mm and 2.7mm thickness

 Applied weight: approx. 100g

 Made from medical grade material approved for direct skin contact

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