Biggy Pack (120 GNT Sticker)
Biggy Pack (120 GNT Sticker)
Biggy Pack (120 GNT Sticker)
Biggy Pack (120 GNT Sticker)

Biggy Pack (120 GNT Sticker)

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The Biggy pack gives you three full packs (120 Stickers) of GNT to work with. One pack of GNT comes with 40 Stickers (transparent). Check the illustrations for application examples.

■ Top Features

  • No surfboard wax needed - Replaces any front deck grip
  • Sustainable by Design - One board, one GNT job.
  • Lightweight - 40 Stickers weight less than 5 grams (0.18 oz.)
  • Easy Use - Apply Once, Surf Plenty.
  • Clean Surf - Forget sand messing up your board or wax on your stuff.
  • Ultra Versatile - You free up your creativity.
  • All Temperatures - Superior stick in any sea water temperature.
  • Born in Ericeira - Developed and tested on world class waves

 ■ Specifications: 

  • A standard pack of GNT by SURFSTYK  includes 40 high performance sticker
  • 40 Sticker cover a surface of roughly 440x500mm or 0.22 m2 (varies with application technique)
  • 40 Sticker weight < 5 g (applied)
  • One sticker in the standard shape and non-rotated position is 79x79mm
  • Rotated the sticker is +/- 100x70mm
  • Ultra thin one sticker < 250 µm (without transfer paper)
Why choose SURFSTYK?

Born in Ericeira. Made in Germany. 

GNT by SURFSTYK stands for premium quality under your foot. GNT is the first high-quality Grip & Traction product made in Germany according to the highest labour and environmental standards.

Playing fair is at the heart of the SURFSTYK brand. We are proudly producing in Germany where fair wages are paid. When you are purchasing GNT you know you are supporting local craftsmanship. Germany also has one of the highest standards in environmental protection worldwide. Be assured that our production fully complies to them.

The GNT idea was born in Ericeira Portugal, right in the middle of the world surf reservation. GNT, designed by surfers for surfers, gives you the confidence that the product works and is thoroughly tested under all conditions.

Easy Use - Apply Once - Surf Plenty

You put GNT on only once. It will permanently stay on your board, until you remove it. GNT will last you many sessions and seasons. No more waxing before every session, just grab your board and go surf. Easy

Sustainable by Design

We are proud to say that GNT is a genuinely sustainable product that helps you to reduce ocean pollution. The material needed to fabricate one pack of GNT is less than a shopping bag.

Ultra Versatile

The versatile design of the GNT lets you creatively provide grip where you need it. GNT will work seamless with your favorite tail pad and supply traction all the way to the nose of your board.

The installation is super easy and fun as well.