Q.: How do I remove the wax from my board?
A.: It is essential to have a clean (fat/wax free) board to start with. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove all wax with a wax comb
  2. Use waxremover (or terpentine) to remove the remaining wax
  3. Wipe the board clean and dry. Wait a few minutes. Done.

More details in this video:




Q.: Can I use GNT with or without wetsuits ?
A.: The material is certified for skin contact... is it as soft as wax? Not really. ;)
In other words, you can use GNT by SURFSTYK™ anytime, anywhere without worries



Q.: Can I use GNT this on a softtop?
A.: I guess you could and it makes sense!

The board has to be clean (wax/fat free) for the sticker to stick properly.



Q.: I’m surf beginner and I would know if it’s possible for my level to use this type of grip?
A.: GNT by SURFSTYK™ is suitable for any skill level - actually it is better to start using it from the beginning.

One thing you need to consider - your foot position is not that consistent as for an advanced surfer. Therefore you might want to cover more space on the deck than an advanced surfer.
So my recommendation is to get two packs you are on the safe side.



Q.: Can I use GNT with or without boots?
A.: GNT works with and without boots. Some surfers report that with boots GNT has almost too much grip…., but they love it!



Q.: In what colors can I order GNT?
A.: We at SURFSTYK love color. Do you? Currently we have GNT in transparent because it works for all boards and will not cover up any designs that you might have on your board. If you like your GNT in color, let me know!