🚀LFG - the "Let Filth Go" Program

The 🚀LFG Program is ready to launch!

You are ready to let the filth (wax) go and surf next level together? That is awesome, thank you!

Holy moly are we stoked to share the new version of GNT, nicknamed Octotape. Let us feel that stoke together and launch that rocket.

Why would you care?

🌊 you surf more
💸 you safe money
♥️ you give love to our planet🌍

💎 you get one of our super rare 🐙GNT NFTs*!

Sounds fair?

Here is our offer.
Early surfers get access to this brand new product that will change how you approach your surf session.
On top of the fair price you get free standard shipping within Europe and many other countries!
We developed this beautiful new Grip and Traction tape for your surfboard. We think it is awesome and it solves the key issues most front foot traction pads have.

But what do we know?
We want your feedback as well. We want you to surf Octotape in your local conditions.

It get's even better. Sounds chessy? Yes it does. lol
Anyway, if you use Octotape and like it so much that you post about it with the hashtag #🐙GNT (that is an "octo emoji" + letters "gnt") you instantly get a 5€ voucher for our shop!

You are a creator on Instagram, TikTok or any other social channel?
Get Octotape free of charge!
Please dm me to talk about a collaboration.

Join us on Instagram to get started.


Let Filth Go🚀 and we all win!

* NFT will be distributed on BSC (BNB Smart Chain). You will need to provide a valid wallet address. Dates and other details coming soon.