How many GNT sticker do I need for my board?

How many GNT sticker do I need for my board?

"How many GNT sticker do I need for my board?" - that is probably the most common question we get.

In this article I will enlighten the mystery of our unique GNT shape. I will also give you some inspiration on the different ways on how to do your GNT job.

Before we start, quick word on package content. On pack of GNT comes with 40 Stickers. Currently the only “color” we have in stock is transparent. This also the best choice for most cases. As a little bonus we also put one neon green GNT sticker in the box. It has the same grip and traction as the transparent one. SO in sum you get 41 stickers you can work with. (Did I mention you also get a sweet Octo Logo sticker for your car, board or laptop?).

OK, now that we know that we have 41 GNT stickers to work with let’s look at the different design or patterns. In all fairness, this is just a start. There is no limit to your creativity on how you apply the stickers.

Let’s start off with most basis pattern.

The original idea behind the shape is to create some sort of wave or chevron pattern to maximize the grip. On wider board we believe the classic 5x8 lay out works really good. If the board is more narrow to the nose you can turn some stickers 90°.



If you are surfing a board that is less wide or you are a grom with a smaller sized board you have a few more options as well. Also we have some surfers that like to extend their tail pad with some stickers. Generally you have the choice of square or chevron pattern. They both work equally great, so it is more an esthetic decision.



You are that cruisy, classic dude and still want to benefit from modern technology? Or simply you do not want to plaster the beautiful design graphics of your board with that greasy stuff (eg. wax)? Check out these options.


If you are not too aggressive on the tail, you might even skip he tail pad and go “ALL GNT”.


Last but not least for the ones that love to paddle, just starting out or are hanging ten on their longboard.
We got you covered as well (literally).


As you can see, 🐙GNT by SURFSTYK works for all boards, skill levels and styles.

If you need any further support, give me a call or send me a message.

Cheers Hendrik

PS: Important: The stickers are designed to be used as they are. If you cut them we cannot guarantee that the will stick properly. Also the board needs to be fat free. See this video if you are not sure on how to get rid of the greasy stuff:

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