see below, TL;DR:

At gripandtraction.com we are obsessed to bring you the best traction solutions for surfing.

Our passion is to build affordable performance grip for the expert and beginner surfer.

Our vision is to create products for all age groups, especially kids, teenagers and families with a limited budget.

Supporting families and the next generation of surfers is close to our heart.

Our motivation is the love for surfing, the technology and thrill of continuous improvement.

🐙GNT 1.0

Our journey began more than three years ago when we launched GNT 1.0 in spring 2019. The feedback overall was really positive and we have many truly loyal surfers that love our product.

The Before and After of the "GNT job" let surfers feel new love for their old board.
Below you see one of the early boards we upgraded.

🐙GNT 1.0 is available in our shop.

🗣 your Feedback

On the positive side we have athletes using 🐙GNT 1.0 for river surfing, rapid surfing, SUP, FOIL, Kite even surfskate and they love it.

Which is awesome and we will continue to serve them even better in the future.

But there were also a few surfers that gave us their honest opinion.
We learned that there is room for improvement. We appreciate your openness and take the opinion of the surf community very serious.

Thank you so much for your support!

Your top 3 👎🏿

Let's take a deep breath, here are the 3 thumbs down for
GNT 1.0 raised by our community:

• Retail price is too high
• Too cumbersome to apply
• Feels slippery when paddling for waves

Obviously the last point is the most severe one.

⚠️ If you can’t catch the wave you won’t surf it.
That is a No-Go!

We did our research and learned that the paddle feeling really depends on the type of wetsuit you wear. Wetsuits with a rubber inlay on the chest work fine, but most surfers don't have them. Also we learned that the paddle weakness is affecting many front foot pads on the market.

Back to the drawing board 💻

We are based in Ericeira Portugal, a World Surf Reservation.
We surf daily, we are surrounded by surfers and basically our world is surfing.

If our products are not fit for that one purpose that is surfing in serious waves, we need to get better.

The next Level 🎮

With that in mind, we spent over a year improving the product. Taking all your feedback into account, we came up with the new version of GNT nicknamed Octotape.

We call it Octotape because the stripes look like tentacles of a Kraken and it will hold your feet just as strongly!

Yes, we call it Octotape, but you may call it whatever you like and if you are able to use Duct-Tape you are qualified to apply Octotape to your board.


aka. 🐙GNT 2.0

Octotape is our answer to your feedback🖤

• Less than 30€
• Super easy to apply
• Best paddling stability

The standard set comes with seven stripes that provide you with a traction area of roughly 39cm in width and 50cm in length. That is bigger than any other front foot traction pad on the market.

Octotape feels super comfortable under your feet and is extremely grippy.

It can be combined with our original GNT 1.0 or other third party solutions. You might even replace your tail pad if you like. The possibilities are endless.

Applying Octotape is literally as easy as fixing a ding with Duct-Tape.

Octotape is super versatile and customizable. You can cut it to your needs. You can even buy separate stripes.

There are no limits.

In the end what counts is that you feel confident and comfortable with your setup and spend the maximum time in the water.

🚀Let Filth Go!
Quitting wax has never been easier & cheaper!

The 🚀LFG Program rewards💫 all early supporters of Octotape.

🚀Launch Q2 2022

Octotape will be available early Spring 2022.

My name is Hendrik and I am running the whole thing.

I am always stoked to talk about surfing and collaborations.

If you have any doubts, please drop me a message or give me a call.