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■ Top Features

  • No surfboard wax needed - Replaces any front deck grip
  • Sustainable by Design - One board, one GNT job.
  • Lightweight - 40 Stickers weight less than 5 grams (0.18 oz.)
  • Easy Use - Apply Once, Surf Plenty.
  • Clean Surf - Forget sand messing up your board or wax on your stuff.
  • Ultra Versatile - You free up your creativity.
  • All Temperatures - Superior stick in any sea water temperature.
  • Born in Ericeira - Developed and tested on world class waves  (Indoor and Outdoor)



  • A standard pack of GNT by SURFSTYK  includes 40 high performance sticker
  • 40 Sticker cover a surface of roughly 440x500mm or 0.22 m2 (varies with application technique)
  • 40 Sticker weight < 5 g (applied)
  • One sticker in the standard shape and non-rotated position is 79x79mm
  • Rotated the sticker is +/- 100x70mm
  • Ultra thin, one sticker < 250 µm (without transfer paper)

🌊 About us

At we are obsessed to bring you the best traction solutions for surfing.

Our passion is to build affordable performance grip for the expert and beginner surfer.

Our vision is to create products for all age groups, especially kids, teenagers and families with a limited budget.

Supporting families and the next generation of surfers is close to our heart.

Our motivation is the love for surfing, the technology and thrill of continuous improvement.

🐙GNT 1.0

Our journey began more than three years ago when we launched GNT 1.0 in spring 2019. The feedback overall was really positive and we have many truly loyal surfers that love our product.

The Before and After of the "GNT job" let surfers feel new love for their old board.
Below you see one of the early boards we upgraded.

🐙GNT 1.0 is available in our shop.

🗣 your Feedback

On the positive side we have athletes using 🐙GNT 1.0 for river surfing, rapid surfing, SUP, FOIL, Kite even surfskate and they love it.

Which is awesome and we will continue to serve them even better in the future.

Thank you so much for your support!

🚀Let Filth Go!
Quitting wax has never been easier & cheaper!

My name is Hendrik and I am running the whole thing.

I am always stoked to talk about surfing and collaborations.

If you have any doubts, please drop me a message or give me a call.